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Fine Art Prints and more...

Thank you for visiting BodhiART!

Original Paintings

You would like to purchase an original painting? Please connect- call or send us your request via e-Mail!
The prices for BodhiART Paintings can be calculated following an index of 3. The price for a painting of 40 cm of breadth and 40 cm of width would thus be around Eur. 480.-, a painting of 30 cm of breadth and 120 cm of width would cost around Eur. 900.-

Fine Art Prints

Every painting on this site is available as a high quality Fine-Art-Print on canvas or paper, each hand signed.
Please contact us for detailed information via phone or mail. Do you prefer to use BodhiART pictures as high quality digital picture? You are welcome- just connect!

Some prices for SatyamART Fine Art Prints

40 x 50 cm       Eur. 150.-  + Shipping
50 x 70 cm       Eur. 180.-  + Shipping
60 x 80 cm       Eur. 210.-  + Shipping
70 x 90 cm       Eur. 230.-  + Shipping
120 x 150 cm   Eur. 300.-  + Shipping

more sizes on request